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Boob Tape Black


Boob Tape Black


Weight loss, hormones, childbirth, and aging… or Gravity!! Breasts sag!

Meet the one-step, fool-proof, easy-on-the-pocket solution for sagging breasts, showing straps and uncomfortable bras! Gain your confidence back, and look your best EVERYDAY

It is no wonder that women are getting hooked to this miracle solution…

Meet Boob Tape…

Yes, you read it right, this is not a bra… but a bra tape!

Wondering how tape can change your life??

Here are the features of the Boob Tape that women like you are drooling over

  • High-Quality Material—Made with 95% cotton+ 5% spandex

The push-up tape has a medical-grade silicone lining with a non-woven fabric surface.

  • Self-Adhesive—Strong + Sticky

The strong body tape provides perfect adhesion. It doesn’t fall off even with the craziest dance moves.

  • Waterproof—Wear with your Bikini

Sweat or water stand no chance in front of the high-quality adhesion. So swim away while looking and feeling your best!

  • Flesh Color & Natural Look—As good as Invisible!

Wear with your backless dresses, deep neck, plunging necklines … the boobie tape won’t show. The natural colors make it blend with your skin.

  • Holds Dress In Place—No Worrying about Slips!

The boobies strips are great for keeping clothes in place. Use for your deep-Vs or hemlines. And, stay relaxed, the boob tape has got your back!

  • Safe for Delicate Skin—Hypo allergic + Non-Toxic

When you buy Boob Tape from us, rest assured that you are getting the best! This means no irritation, no glue marks, no stickiness, and no sticky residue.

  • Lightweight—Natural Feel

Our Ultra-Lite Silicone, super soft fabric, and medical-grade adhesive give you the perfect natural feel. You won't even know you are wearing something.

  • Seamless Design—Wear it and Forget it

The breast tape is designed with special Micro-edge design. No one will notice it even with the sheerest top.

  • Size—True to Size

With bra tape, you don't need to worry about sizing. So, ordering it online is super easy. Also, the boob tape works for all sizes. From A to G or DDD, order for any size!

  • Easy to Use—Takes a Minute

Get an instant lift with our push it tape. It is so easy to use, you will love the hassle-free, easy application.

How to Use the Bra Tape?

Using the boob tape is SUPER EASY!!

Just follow the simple steps and VOILA you are all ready to dress and rock!!

Step 1: Clean your skin and dry it. Don’t put lotions or moisturizers on it.

Step 2: Stick one side of the tape on the lower side of your bust.

Step 3: Giving it a little lift and stick the other end just above your bust line.

Step 4: You can cut and shape the boob tape according to your neckline.

Step 5: It is super easy to remove. But if your skin is sensitive, we recommend the following method:

To remove, use your favorite body oil or moisturizer and apply it around the tape. This will make the adhesive weak. And, it will come off painlessly.

Our Guarantee:

We Love You! Therefore, with each order, you will receive our 100% No-Problem, No-Issue Guarantee.

  • 30-days Money Back Guarantee-- Don’t love what you get, we will return your money.
  • Quick No-Hassle Delivery—Few steps ordering, Paypal® & Stripe® payments, easy tracking, and fast delivery.
  • Talk to Us—Our Customer Service will be pleased to answer all your questions.