Boob Tape

The Celebrity-Secret to Plunging Necklines!!

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The Celebrity-Secret to Plunging Necklines!

Gain your confidence back, and look your best EVERYDAY

It is no wonder that women are getting hooked to this miracle solution…

Meet Boob Tape…

Yes, you read it right, this is not a bra… but a bra tape!

As good as Invisible!

Wear with your backless dresses, deep neck, plunging necklines … the boobie tape won’t show. The natural colors make it blend with your skin.

How to Use the Bra Tape?

Using the nipple tape is SUPER EASY!!

Just follow the simple steps and VOILA you are all ready to dress and rock!!

Step 1: Clean your skin and dry it. Don’t put lotions or moisturizers on it.

Step 2: Stick one side of the tape on the lower side of your bust.

Step 3: Giving it a little lift and stick the other end just above your bust line.

Step 4: You can cut and shape the boob tape according to your neckline.

Step 5: It is super easy to remove. But if your skin is sensitive, we recommend the following method:

To remove, use your favorite body oil or moisturizer and apply it around the tape. This will make the adhesive weak. And, it will come off painlessly.


This tape is really convenient if you have a low cut dress or shirt, and also for those that have an open back. I like that is adheres good to the skin but not so much that is uncomfortable or difficult to remove. It just holds your boobs in place. I used it with my dress on my grandmother's anniversary it worked well all night long.

These were perfect! I needed something for my wedding dress that lifted but didn’t connect in the middle, and these were recommended to me by my sister. I am glad I found this, and they stick so well with out leaving stickiness or residue they are long lasting and truly stay on even in the humidity and dancing around.

I used to use masking tape for clothing that I had to be bra-less in and now I don’t have to! I don’t have to be in discomfort and be worried about it coming off because the boob tape does a great job of holing things up without having a painful removal. The petals are a nice addition so I don’t have fear of showing too much nipple either.

This boob tape has great adhesion. Not only can it be used for the girls, but also as athletic tape. It's VERY sticky, so following the directions to get it off is a must. But that's so much better than having a slip up (or out... if you know what I mean!) This set is definitely a must!