Boob Tape

The Celebrity-Secret to Plunging Necklines!!

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Want to have bra-free support?

You have to try the boob tape. It comes with transparent medical-grade material that you can use on any skin type. If you struggled to make your breast look sexier under any dress, then nipple tape is here for you!

And the good news?? You can use bra tape on any kind of chest size. It is a superb option for those who want to lift, separate, boost, or contour their boobies. We have the best boob tape that you can trim easily as per your cup size from size A to E for wearing under any dress.

Material and Fabric Tape Type
The material and fabric of boob tape is 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex. It will be completely waterproof and holding the breasts even if the wearer is sweating. Also, you do not need to worry about the tape falling from the titties while you are moving, jumping, swimming, dancing, or exercising. You will have a professional-grade cloth, and it will be safe to use. You can use cloth pressure tape on any skin type.
Quick Breast Lifting Solution
Boob tape is the breast lifting solution without any pain. It is a waterproof boob tape, and you can apply it several times. You will have the best skin-friendly tape to use on the boobs.

Widest Applicability

It comes with the widest applicability, and you can wear it under strapless dresses, t-shirts, halter tops, sports bras, wedding gowns, t-shirts, and more. You will have the friendly tape that will
accommodate the chest size of size A to E. It will surely provide the desired shape to most minor to the heaviest breasts

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The boobie tape will provide you 100 percent satisfaction after application. It will be never disappointing women of any breast type. This tape is highly safe rather than using duct tapes in the market. It comes with cotton, spandex, and a
blend of acrylic material.

How to Use Sticky Booby Tape?

You have to use the sticky booby tape under any dress by following these easy steps:

Step 1:
Ensure that your skin is dry and it does not have any moisture on it.
Step 2:
Now you can apply the tape to the bottom of your bust and then lift it towards your shoulders. Cut the tape in the right size for both sides.
Step 3:
Whilst the application of the tape, you have to ensure that the bust area is completely secured.
Step 4:
If you are going to wear a dress with a deeper neck, apply it according to the neckline’s shape.
Step 5:
Many women are afraid to use sticky tape because it hurts while taking them off. You can use any moisturizer before taking the duct tape to prevent any pain. Or you can take a hot shower to make the tape’s adhesive weak, and you can take it off easily.


This tape is really convenient if you have a low cut dress or shirt, and also for those that have an open back. I like that is adheres good to the skin but not so much that is uncomfortable or difficult to remove. It just holds your boobs in place. I used it with my dress on my grandmother's anniversary it worked well all night long.

These were perfect! I needed something for my wedding dress that lifted but didn’t connect in the middle, and these were recommended to me by my sister. I am glad I found this, and they stick so well with out leaving stickiness or residue they are long lasting and truly stay on even in the humidity and dancing around.

I used to use masking tape for clothing that I had to be bra-less in and now I don’t have to! I don’t have to be in discomfort and be worried about it coming off because the boob tape does a great job of holing things up without having a painful removal. The petals are a nice addition so I don’t have fear of showing too much nipple either.

This boob tape has great adhesion. Not only can it be used for the girls, but also as athletic tape. It's VERY sticky, so following the directions to get it off is a must. But that's so much better than having a slip up (or out... if you know what I mean!) This set is definitely a must!